Services and Capabilities:

Website Development
Standard HTML/CSS/Javascript – Used for basic sites with limited or focused functionality, which can be developed for a smaller budget and typically can be developed quickly.
Typical Application: Small business brochure site, beach house property rental site, art gallery site
PHP/jQuery/MySQL Database – These open source technologies can drive any size website needed and provide a web 2.0 user experience. These sites can offer user login and account services, custom content filtering based on user status, information collection and delivery, or dynamic content updates. Code is custom developed to suit the needs of the project and offers an uncompromised implementation of the website design.
Typical Application: Company logo and images asset management site, product inventory management and e-commerce sales, business to business utility sites
Content Management Systems – A CMS offers a hybrid solution between a full-featured website with dynamic content and the ability to update that content regularly through a web interface by a client. Joomla! is the preferred system used by The UltraMind. A CMS requires PHP/MySQL hosting support to operate.
Typical Application: Blogs, customer or personal interest forums, newsletters, webcomics, online learning, ecommerce sales, or a complete website
Banner Ads – All types of banner ads for websites
Presentations – Flash animation of title slides or concept illustrations.
Slideshows – Looping slideshows with object and text animation for standalone displays or installations
Interactive Display – Information presentation with user feedback or control
Complete websites can be built with Flash but that is discouraged now due to lack of support in Apple devices and general poor performance on mobile technology.
Slide animations and style guide design setup
3D Modeling and Rendering
Interior/exterior environment rendering (ex. store display interior floorplan, tradeshow booth design)
Product prototype visualization (ex. point of purchase displays)
Video Production
On-site video recording (ex. user testimonials, internal office videos)
Video editing and file conversion for YouTube or other video distributor
Product Photography
White background or styled environmental photography
Graphic Design and Production
Design for all types of printed media such as newspaper and magazine ads, brochures, sales sheets, posters, white papers, annual reports, newsletters, and books. File production and preparation for printed media